{Layer by Layer}

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Hi everyone! This is Maria posting for the {layer by layer} tutorial. Has anyone seen Shen’s new Build-a-Page kit? It comes with a pre-made layered page and a mini kit. I love the look of traditional scrapbooking but like a lot of people I don’t quite care for the mess :)   Today I’m trying to have the traditional scrapbooking approach for my layout. Here’s what I made:

So, let’s peel my layout {layer by layer}! First I opened a new document and drop the two patterned papers on top of the wood-textured paper. Say hi to my lovely Chester who’s peeking from my desktop background :)

Then I added shadows. I’m using shadows by sugary fancy to make sure every shadows are perfectly natural. Next on the list was the flairs. I want to use them as anchors for my picture frames.


Then I dropped in my frames. I’m using these cuties by creashens. Also added some fun stitches included in the kit.


With my frames in position I added some more elements to accentuate them. I love those vellum papers by creashens so I cut out the star paper in hexagon shapes, and using the chevron vellum paper to mimic washi tapes. I trimmed the edges using lasso tool.


Now this is the best part: choosing & adding pictures! I went to a dear friend’s wedding last week and got tons of fun photos!


I wanted more elements so I dropped in the resin flowers, and created a new layer for me to drop in some fun brushworks by creashens. They gave a final pop to my layout.


Flattened it and I’m done with my layout! I love how the layout turned out and I hope you like my simple tutorial :)

Thanks for reading and until we meet again on another post!

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